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***The following description of the breed is taken off the official Australian Labradoodle Club of the US website:

***The Australian Labradoodle is different from other Labradoodles.  In the early days, the Australian Labradoodle was simply a cross between and Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle.  Dogs from this cross typically were bred to each other over future generations, whereby the Australian dogs are also known as "Multi-generational" Labradoodles.  

Then,  in the late 1980's Tegan Park and Rutland Manor, the two founders of the Australian Labradoodle, as we know it today, began carefully infusing several other breeds into early generations of the Lab/Poodle crosses, to improve coat, conformation, and size.  The infused breeds include the Irish Water Spaniel as well as the American and English Cocker Spaniel.  The resulting Labradoodles subsequently have been bred to each other, continuing the multi-generational tradition.

Today, Australian Labradoodles are wonderful, intelligent dogs with lush coats that are more reliably low to non-shedding and allergy friendly than other types of Labradoodles such as first generation crosses, or first general crosses bred back to a poodle.  Even when other types of Labradoodles are bred on for generations, the result is not an Australian Labradoodle, as the attributes of the infused breeds were not included in their ancestry.  


I (Cyndi) saw my first goldendoodle in the park in 2006 and fell in love with the breed.  I had two beautiful AKC registered golden retrievers and decided to breed a litter of goldendoodles.  I had no intention of becoming a dog breeder since I am a CPA, but we kept getting requests to have "just one more litter" and my family loved the goldendoodle coat and temperament so we created Sophie's Goldendoodles.  As a goldendoodle breeder, I steered far away from labradoodles because the lab is more of a working dog and more hyper.  After ten years breeding dog while working as a CPA, I quit my job to only breed goldendoodles.  However, I became frustrated with the lack of standards in the goldendoodle community.  There were too many people who would breed their dog to their neighbors dog and sell them for a cheap price or make claims that were not true.  I started searching around for a way to register my goldendoodles to show their quality and ran across Australian labradoodles.  I was impressed with the calm temperament of the Australian Labradoodle.  I was impressed with the genetic health testing required to register the breed and how responsibly they are bred.  They are in infusion of five different breeds bred over a period of time to create the Multi-generational Australian Labradoodle.  I am impressed that the Australian Labradoodle in a registered dog (other than CKC/AKC mixed breed and the strict requirements to register the breed.)


We knew we wanted to be able to share this wonderful breed with others and set out to breed the best of the best, just like we do with Sophie's goldendodles.  Our focus is on producing top quality breeding stock, service dogs, therapy dogs and companion Australian Labradoodles..  We focus on health, coat, temperament to breed miniature and medium Australian Labradoodles. 


Most of our dogs live with Guardian Families in their homes.  They recieve the one on one attention they deserve and they come back to us just to breed.  We have four dogs that live in our home.  They go with us to the store, to the dog park, and have normal healthy dog lives.  Sometimes we have to choose to retire our dogs and we find families that are going to compliment them.  That is one of the hardest parts about breeding, but I have found that every dog deserves his own person.