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Puppy Availability

Lola & Chevy

Chevy ALD 2.jpg

Lola is a beautiful 31 pound Australian Labradoodle with a gorgeous coat and a personality that makes you wonder why you do not already own one of her puppies! 

Chevy is a total Stud at 25 pounds and complete genius when it comes to training. He loves to snuggle and loves to please. 

These six cuties  will weigh around 30lbs, hypoallergenic, and non-shedding. And look at those color combinations!

Ross. 2nd boy. Lola.jpg
Phoebe. Guardian. Lola. .jpg
Chandler. 1st boy. Lola. .jpg
Monica. 1st born. Lola. .jpg
Rachel. 3rd girl. Lola.jpg
Joey. 3rd boy. Lola. .jpg

3 Boys and 3 Girls!

1. Guardian - Female Reserved
2. Holk - Male or Female - Reserved
3. Johnson - Female Reserved
4. Male Available
5. Male Available
6. Available


Puppy Selection Date: 03/01/2024

Go Home Date: 03/22/2024

Price : $2,700

Upcoming Litter

Amaya & Jack

Jack Black.jpg

Amaya is a stunning 30lb Australian Labradoodle with a drive for Life and Love! She is a total dream and loves to please!

Jack is a stud through and through! He is a handsome 25lb Canadian Australian Labradoodle. He has a joker personality, very playful, and LOVES to give kisses.We cannot wait to see what these two can do! 

These cuties will be around 25-30lbs fully grown, hypoallergenic, and non-shedding!

Upcoming Litter

Siri & Jack 

Copy of Jack.jpg

Siri and Jack are expecting gorgeous Australian Labradoodles anywhere from the 24th of February!

Siri is a chocolate 28lb Australian Labradoodle female and is 17" tall at the shoulders. Siri lives in a guardian home outside of Boise. She is very calm and very spoiled.  She is also very smart!  She is just the best dog ever!!

Jack is a 25 pound parti-colored Australian Labradoodle. He is fun and very much a clown. He is even more gorgeous than his photos. 

Coming Soon Neon Light

PRICE: $2700

Puppy Selection Date: December 5, 2023

Go Home Date: December 24, 2023

1. Guardian Available- Panda Girl

Stay Tuned for more litters!


Babies coming soon!

Harper's Puppies- 8 weeks.jpg

Watch this spot!

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