Denali & Sherman

Denali 1.jpg

25 pound Denali (Australian Labradoodle) is the perfect Doodle - Calm, snuggly, smart, she thinks her goal in life is to please - she's the ultimate therapy dog!  Sherman is funny, fun loving, and very smart.  He has learned to dance with his guardian and is always ready to learn new things.  These two Australian Labradoodles are going to make the perfect puppies! These two had six Halloween Puppies ready to go home for Christmas!














Price: $3200

Go Home Date: December 22nd, 2021

1) Guardian - Reserved
2) Harris - Either - Reserved
3) Cooper - Caramel Male
4) Available
5) Available
6) Available

Denali's Yellow Girl- 5wks.jpg
Denali's Maroon Boy- 5wks.jpg
Denali's Green Boy- 5wks.jpg
Denali's Pink Girl- 5wks.jpg
Denali's Purple Boy- 5wks.jpg
Denali's Orange Girl- 5wks.jpg

Zoey & Sherman


Zoey is a 20 pound gorgeous red girl from Callie and Jack.  She has the sweetest little personality! Sherman is a 25 pound parti Australian Labradoodle.  He is so smart and playful.  He loves his guardian and will dance with her! The pair had six puppies –

4 girls and 2 boys- on 10/8/21 !!

Zoey's Beige Girl- 7wks.jpg
Zoey's Yellow Girl- 7wks.jpg
Zoey's Orange Boy- 7wks.jpg
Zoey's Pink Girl- 7wks.jpg
Zoey's Lilac Girl- 7wks.jpg
Zoey's Red Boy- 7wks.jpg

Price: $3200

Go Home Date: December 4, 2021

1) Morris- Lilac Girl- Guardian Reserved
2) Green - Pink Girl Reserved
3) Zhou - Red Boy Reserved
4) Schlafer - Orange Boy Reserved
5) Morris - Yellow Girl Reserved
6) Beige Girl on Hold